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Where am I?

Greetings visitor! You have somehow navigated yourself to the personal website of Australian geek Lucas Murray. Unfortunately for you Lucas has decided to move on to more important things in life and as such has left this website slightly bare and unmaintained. If you were directed here by a search engine or another website then chances are you will not find what you were looking for as Lucas went on a massive content pruning massacre and removed the majority of what was originally here. To make up for your wasted time please enjoy this smiley face: ^_^

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If you would like to get in contact with Lucas privately feel free to send him an E-mail at the address below (Replacing the obvious gaps with the correct symbols). Lucas usually replies to all E-mails within a few days but sometimes it may take quite a while longer due to his other priorities, please try and be patient.

lucas ? polyflare ? com